Blackpool hotels to be demolished to make way for 92 flats

August 3, 2022

Skye, Colwyn and Headlands hotels on New South Promenade would be redeveloped into apartments under plans lodged with the council.

The Ruppert family, which owns the hotels, has lodged a brace of applications seeking consent to build two apartment blocks at either end of a crescent of buildings in the South Shore area of Blackpool. 

At the northern end of the site, the first development would provide 51 apartments replacing the vacant Skye and Colwyn hotels on the corner of New South Promenade and Burlington Road West. 

At the southern end of the crescent, the second development would replace the Headlands Hotel, providing 41 apartments on the corner of Harrowside West and New South Promenade. 

The schemes are being delivered by companies controlled by the Ruppert family named Coastway and Headlands respectively. 

David Cox Architects and planning consultancy Smith & Love are advising the family on the schemes.  

“Blackpool is experiencing a renaissance, and there’s a demand for high-quality residential accommodation, which the New South Promenade development will provide,” said Deborah Smith, co-founder of Smith & Love. 

“Two contemporary apartment buildings will provide high-quality homes for people, helping to stimulate the local economy and play a part in creating a sense of place with a diverse but active community. 

“New South Promenade will also complement the ongoing regeneration of Blackpool itself while playing an essential role in revitalising the crescent and attracting people to live and work in the town.” 

David Cox, director of David Cox Architects, added: “The scheme will reinvent this important part of Blackpool’s promenade. The two sites, north and south, will act as bookends to the crescent and help bring about much-needed quality residential spaces.” 

The developments form the next phase of the crescent’s regeneration, following the creation of the Hilton by Hampton in 2016. 

A plot next to the Hilton off Wimbourne Place is also the subject of redevelopment proposals. Under plans lodged by NSP Property, the Waldorf, Henderson and Kimberley hotels would be knocked down to make way for a 63-apartment scheme.